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1. No Entry 禁止驶入 2. Traffic Nights 交通灯 3. Turn Right 向右转弯 4. No Non- motor Vehicle 禁止非机动车通行 5. No Left Turn 禁止左转弯 6. Go Straight 直行

Collin's struggle to make a place for herself in ballet is the kind of life story______ a fascinating novel might be written. A of that B about which C by whom D for whom 【解析】:柯林为了在芭蕾领域占有一席之地而付出的那些努力...

In 1919,the May 4th Movement ( )in China。 A,place B,took place C,was happened D,was taken place

可以的 这里有个定语从句 是以the way 为先行词的 we used to be的定语从句 以the way 为先行词的定语从句,关系代词可以是that,in which 或者不填 这里的第二个families 是名词做表语,修饰the way 的 这个句子没错 意思是,家家户户不像以前那...

1 let”s wash the dishes tomorrow 2 How about listening to a Cd? 3 These American like hamburgers 4 Sam is swimming in the pool 5 They are talking in the living room


be found to do和be found doing 前者是(某人)被发现将要做某事,或者有做某事的趋势; 后者是(某人)被发现正在做某事,或者处于某种状态,此时doing代表的动名词表状态。 这也是一般意义上to do 和doing 的区别

find sb seated at the desk是固定短语,看见sb坐在桌旁 她的注意力被集中在树上“,是被动,所以填fixed

选B. tried knocking 解析:try to do sth的意思是“设法做某事,尽力做某事”,try doing sth的意思是“试着做某事, 试验做某事“。try to do侧重尽力,为了达到目的而努力。try doing 只是一种新的尝试,并没有一定明显的目的性。

这是一种as的固定用法,例如Talented as he is,he is not yet ready to turn professional.别看他有天份,他还没把心用到专业上去。 注:这是一种表示让步的分句,主要用于正式文体。Talented as he is =Though he is talented,as引出的主谓...

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